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Welcome To PT. Gudang Garam Tbk.
Like we all know, that PT. Gudang Garam Tbk,is a ciggarette company in Indonesia, locate in Kediri city, east Java. That company have more than 10.000 employee to produce a few kind of cigarette. And in 2002 they just lunch a new product,some exclusive product in that class, and also that new product have a different class. It's very good,lux,and so soft.

LOGO of Gudang Garam Company
GUDANG GARAM mean Salt Warehouse. In that picture show about five warehouse and if we see on the door for each warehouse, so we find some differeent between them.

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There ara three new product just release for a few month ago. That's three product have some unique name : "Surya Signature Blue , Surya Signature Red , Surya Signature Green"
So the word Signature is use in this product, to give us some award, that we are some special people, because we smoke that special cigarette.

New Product
Gudang garam Company a few month ago just release their produk. The Finest Clove they made, and very lux.
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